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POW! is an organization made up of women motivated by the desire to create positive social change by funding programs that invest in the advancement of our community. POW! pools gifts of all sizes from a broad base of donors to support our grant-making, education and advocacy work.

We are women making a positive impact on the lives of those within Henderson County, Kentucky. Women with diverse backgrounds contribute $500 (collectively in any amount or individually) to maintain their membership. Membership in POW! is for one year. POWer Leader members are for 5-year commitments.

Half of the funds are placed into a permanent endowment. The other half will be disbursed to the community at an annual dinner. It is that simple.

If the monetary commitment is keeping you from joining, don’t! $500 can be comprised by several women to create one vote or you can give any amount and participate whether you gather enough to vote or not. Furthermore, you can donate through installments over the course of a year.

POW! has no requirements regarding a woman’s participation in the organization. If a woman has time constraints, she contributes her $500 (or whatever amount) and attends the annual meeting/dinner to help choose the grant recipient(s) for that year.

However, if a woman has the time and desire, she can be an active member by serving as an advisory board member or be a member of a committee. Women may participate in site visits of finalists and can actively assist the organization in selecting the grant recipients. Each member’s participation is dependent upon her personal situation and may change from year to year.

POW! has very limited expenses. The administrative costs relating to POW! and its operations are either donated, or are paid with administrative monies held by POW!. The administrative monies are donations from Friends of POW! who make donations to cover administrative costs, sponsors and interest earned on the grant monies prior to the disbursement of the grants to the recipients. The endowment fund itself is managed at less than 1.5% of the principal.