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Become a Member

Download and print this form, fill out completely and either mail in with your check or with a copy of your online payment receipt (see below).

The below link will take you to our partner site, Community Foundation of West Kentucky where you can securely pay via PayPal.

Follow this Link:

Becoming a member is easy. First, you’ll need to decide between full membership and a shared membership.

Full Membership

Women who contribute $500 (or more) are full members and will have the opportunity to cast their individual vote at the annual meeting for the final grant recipient!

Shared Memberships

Women who join with other women to pool their resources may participate in a shared membership. Together, the group will have one vote for the final grant recipient. The group will identify a group leader who will be responsible for collecting and submitting the individual gifts of the group and for casting the group’s vote at the annual meeting. Membership is one-year commitment and renewed on an annual basis. You can be a POWer Leader which is a 5-year automatic commitment. You can also create a POWer Legacy in the name of a daughter, granddaughter or other woman of importance. This is great not only for women doing this for other women, but we encourage men to do this in the name of the special women in their lives — giving them the gift to participate and vote for positive change in their community. This is a great way for young women to learn about philanthropy at an early age. We invite you to attend the annual meeting as our guest if you would like to join our effort.