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In thirteen years, POW! has put over $200,000 directly to work into our community while endowing almost equally as much for long term giving in perpetuity. The more we grow our fund, the greater the impact we will have. Please become involved in our membership at any level and watch our community improve as a result.

In 2020, POW! was honored to provide a grant awarding over $68,000 to assist non-profits who had to cancel or postpone events due to Covid-19. The Covid-19 grant was made possible by our dear friend, Nyla Tillotson.

Feel free to contact previous award winners to learn about the growing impact of POW! Partnership of Women in Henderson, Kentucky.

Previous Grant Winners:

CASA of Midwest Kentucky, St. Anthony’s Hospice, Audubon Kids Zone, Habitat for Humanity, Brian Injury Adventure Camp, Father Bradley for Women and Children, Children’s Advocacy Center, Hugh Edward Sandefur Center, The Gathering Place – Henderson Senior Center, Salvation Army, Deaconess Foundation Safe Babies Program, and more to come!

We awarded the The Father Bradley Shelter for Women and Children  in 2014 a $12,000 grant for new AC units for the safety, health, well being and comfort of shelter residents.

We awarded the Brain Injury Adventure Camp completed a large facility with the help of our first $10,000 grant in 2013. All they lacked at the time to begin construction were funds for the foundation to erect a donated pole barn. This impact grant made the 5,800 square foot facility to house 16 campers possible.