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Grants Committee — This committee with oversight by the advisory board, sets all deadlines, reviews all applications, conducts site visits and recommends finalists for voting prior to the Annual Dinner while maintaining the integrity of the organization in all aspects through confidentiality as well as maintaining no conflicts of interest in voting.

Membership Committee – This committee coordinates all aspects of recruiting membership (new as well as former members) to hit an established goal for the organization in a given year. The committee plans social recruiting events for membership to gather and bring guests to learn about POW! and how to get involved, but the most important of these is the Annual Dinner Sub-committee under this group. The Annual Dinner Sub-Committee establishes all arrangements and logistics for the event including invitations, sound, food and decor. Lines up accounting firm and supports the firm in an organized and confidential means to disseminate, collect and count all ballots to maintain the integrity of the grants and voting process.

Communications Committee — Coordinates all publicity and correspondence that relates to all activities and information of the organization in a timely fashion.