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The idea of POW! is simple.

Everyone involved pools their financial resources, and becomes a partner to change Henderson County. There is no fundraising, no canvassing, no buying somebody’s stuff, no endless meetings, no car washes. You give annually (in any denomination), and $500 annually gives you a vote on where that money is donated.

Our goal is to engage 50 women (or more) to give $500 annually. Then you vote on where your head and heart leads you. This program of women funded giving already exists in Evansville and Owensboro and for many years they have been able to significantly impact the community they love.

We continue this endeavor by setting aside half of the money and putting it into a permanent endowment fund. The other half will be disbursed to the community at our annual dinner. It is that simple. If the monetary commitment is keeping you from joining, fear not! $500 equals one vote and you can donate through installments from now until spring.

You can also join together with a friend and each pitch in $250 each. Then at the dinner, the two of you decide where you want your money to go, as one vote. Multiple people can also comprise $500 and equate to one vote. Also, if you want to give $1,000, you can have two votes, and so on.

Those committing to POW! for a 5-year commitment will be listed as distinguished POWer Leaders. Since we will impact women for many generations, you can also create a POWer Legacy in the name of your daughter, granddaughter or other women of importance or even in memory of a beloved woman in your life. With each added $500 gift in a given year, you gain an additional vote. The POWer Legacy list will be perpetual, but only one vote for the year the gift is given.