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Although the needs Henderson County will change over time, the importance of addressing needs will remain constant. The POW! Fund endowment is a permanent resource created to address those changing needs and priorities that exist in our community.

Endowment isn’t a word we hear every day. Endowments are designed to permanently support an organization and its programs. Donations are invested rather than spent immediately, and investment proceeds are awarded as grants. When you make a gift to an endowment, you really are making “a gift that keeps on giving.” It will benefit Henderson long after we are gone and support our granddaughter’s and their granddaughter’s community interests in perpetuity well into the future.

POW! is working to build our endowment while at the same maintaining a liquid resource that supports current grant-making. Half of the gifts given to POW! are added to our endowment and half remain liquid, allowing us to award a substantial impact grant at our annual meeting. Over time, we envision the endowment reaching a value sufficient to generate proceeds that allow for even greater impact to our community.

The POW! fund will be administered through the Henderson County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the West Kentucky Community Foundation. Administration of the endowment fund will be less than 1.5% any given time. This means your money will grow in perpetuity and leave a POWerful mark for years to come.