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After a deliberation process that begins with review of preliminary proposals, POW! will award an “Impact Grant” for a single program or project that improves the quality of life for Henderson County residents.

The Grant should address the following:

• Commitment to long-range planning, financial stability and sustainability

• Sound plan to address ongoing or emerging issues that have been identified by research

• Solid, realistic plan for project evaluation

• Desire to promote collaboration among organizations or institutions to prevent duplication of services

• Project methodology utilizing a preventative approach to addressing the issue and solving problems

• Evidence of realistic organizational planning and management


Organizations in Henderson County, Kentucky, that serve residents of Henderson County are eligible to apply. This includes 501(c)(3) non-profits as well as governmental agencies including educators with school-based projects and other programs in Henderson County that have a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation fiscal sponsor.

Fiscal Sponsors

Organizations seeking consideration via the auspices of a public charity must include a written statement signed by the public charity’s board president on behalf of the board of directors agreeing to act as the entity’s fiscal sponsors, to receive grant monies if awarded, and to oversee the proposed projects.

Project Areas Considered for Funding

• Community Development: Activities that benefit residents within all segments of the population

• Education: Activities that promote or strengthen educational attainment, both in and out of the classroom in Henderson

• Health: Activities that improve the health outcomes for Henderson residents

• Human Services: Activities that support public protection, employment/jobs, food and nutrition, agriculture, housing and shelter, public safety, disaster preparedness, and relief

• Capital Projects: Small capital projects that will be completed within two years from the date of the grant award

Project Areas NOT Considered for Funding

• Requests for funding to reduce or retire debt of the organization

• Projects that focus solely on the spiritual needs and growth of a church congregation or members of other religious organizations

• Political parties or campaigns

• Event sponsorships, annual appeals, and membership contributions.

• Travel expenses for groups or individual such as bands, sport teams (but funds can be used for professional development)

• Scholarships or other grants to individuals

• Organizations outside of Henderson County

Preliminary Proposals

The application process starts with completion of the preliminary proposal questionnaire. Preliminary proposal questionnaire helps in determining whether a funding request qualifies for consideration before the applicant invests time and effort in completing a full grant proposal.

Upon completion, an email containing a copy of your preliminary proposal questionnaire will be delivered to the email address provided in your preliminary proposal which can be submitted here:

Deliberation and Award

After review of preliminary proposal questionnaires, selected applicants will receive a formal invitation to submit a full grant proposal which must be submitted by June 30th. The full grant applications will be reviewed and semi-finalists will be chosen by July 26th. All grant applicants will receive formal notification of the outcome of the deliberation process. The semi-finalists will have site visits during July. Following the site visits, three finalists will be chosen. All semi-finalists will be notified. The finalists will present their proposal to the full membership of POW! at POW!’s annual dinner held in August. If the Organization does not allow site visits or does not present at the annual dinner, then the Organization will be disqualified from receiving a grant. The site visit must be open to all POW members who wish to attend. No lobbying or solicitation of Foundation representatives is permitted.

Distribution of Awards

The successful organization will be awarded a grant of $15,000. Grants checks will be distributed within fourteen (14) days of the annual dinner.