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POW! was founded by a small group of hard-working, community-minded women. Although the dream started over lunch by two ladies when their children were in elementary school in 2008, it took the founding of the Community Foundation of Henderson as their fiscal sponsor in conjunction with the Community Foundation of West Kentucky in order to begin. The foundations provided expertise in high level investment fund management, detailed accounting and IRS compliance.

It was a desire of several to create and sustain a collective of women in Henderson County who wanted to generate significant funds and impact critical community needs well into the future. So the original two women expanded their circle to those of like-minded passion and together worked for two years prior to POW!’s public launch in 2013. The founders guided the direction and tirelessly brought on charter members willing to step out with them in support of this new idea to the Henderson community.

The result was state-wide recognition for POW! as they successfully raised enough to grant $15,000 immediately and endow over $13,000 in their first year. Charities saw immediate impact by the large awards. An additional $23,000 was pledged at the first annual meeting for the following year, which further showcased the heart of the incredible women of Henderson

POW! continues to grow with each passing year due to other dedicated leaders willing to step up, establish and break new records of philanthropy and generosity in our community. Together, women from all walks of life are changing Henderson one non-profit at a time.

Leanne Banna-Pritchett
Jennifer Keach
Dawn Kelsey
Jennifer Preston
Marsha Royster
Kris Sandefur
Cindy Weaver
Karen Wilson